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    Sar Burial Complex

    This burial complex is located on the eastern side of a limestone formation covering an area of about 100×60 meters and only a few meters from the southern cemetery complex.This cemetery resembles a honeycomb in which graves are intertwined. Burial chambers were built of stones and covered with great rock tiles and surrounded by a circular rock wall.

    Excavations on the southwestern corner of the northern Burial grounds unearthed the remains of a rectangular building. Some believe that this building was a fire temple. However, its function remains unresolved.

    The other cemetery associated with this area is the southern cemetery complex, which was discovered during the years 1979- 1982 by archaeologists involved in salvaging mounds located on the route leading to the King Fahad Causeway. Most of the discoveries found in this graveyard date back to the beginning of the second millennium B.C., and were also contemporary with the main phase of the Sar settlement. A few of the archaeological articles found in this cemetery may date back to a remoter period of time.

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